Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thorian wasn't much of a thinker but an idea came to him. Perhaps all this travel with the others was rubbing off on him. He walked up to the first goblin he saw and smashed him in the head with his hammer. He then cupped his hand around his mouth and yelled, "Everything is going as planned Dwarf, them ambush is in position."

Maribe was shocked. Was Thorian out of his mind? She didn't count on the fact that the one race slower than dwarves was goblins. They fell for it. The goblins and dwarves in the town square drew weapons and battle was joined.

She smiled to herself, then set to work killing the goblins on this side of the river.

It was bloody work, Maribe and Warath were hewing through goblins quickly while Thorian pressed through the ones closest to the bridge to get to the other shore.

Across the river the 3 Stardust dwarves got the better of the goblins and Hile, the leader raced across the bridge to engage the adventurers. In his hands were matching high forged axes connected to each other and his armor by golden chains of such craftsmanship they seemed more lined linen than metal.

Hile leapt among the party, flung his axes out to his side and deftly tugged back on the chains, the axes slashed out in great sweeps. The party was worse for it but so were the remaining goblins.

They traded blows and finally Hile fell to the ground. Deep in the river they heard rumbling.

Warath looked about and saw a Goblin Shaman on the far shore. He was summoning some ancient darkness. He drew out a black fletched arrow radiating with magic, put it to his string and fired the perfect shot. It penetrated the goblin's left eye, killing him instantly and dropping him into the river but not before the chant was compete.

With a crack like breaking ice a river Groot burst from the deep. He was a long removed ancestor of the groots, the blood of these creatures within it. Their is where the similarities ended. While a Groot is small and fragile, this creature was enormous. His mouth large enough to swallow a horse whole. Thorian saw this and stepped protectedly in front of Buttercup the mule.

Its hands were immense, each claw larger than a great sword.

It roared again and began wading towards the bridge. Maribe called down magic upon it, Warath filled it with arrows and Thorian went to the side of the bridge with hammer in hand, ready to face this pinnacle of goblin evolution.

One of Warath's arrows struck true and deep, the River Groot reacted by back handing him off the bridge where he lay agains collapsed ruins unconscious. Maribe spoke words of power to make her staff glow and she leapt forward and stuck the creature in the head. It reared back in pain and the party noticed a gemstone embedded in its head. They began focusing their blows upon it. Each hit seemed to cause the Groot to shrink in size and power. They were getting the better of it.

The Groot realized it's plight and changed strategies. Is smashed the bridge to kindling. Thorian and Maribe barely escaped.

With healing magic Warath was returned to the fight. The ruby nearly fractured and the Groot near death he drew another of his black arrows. He smiled as he released the shaft and it flew true. It struck the gemstone and it shattered the Groot paused for a moment and fell. Its body sinking to the river bed.

Exhausted the party fell to the ground. The bridge was destroyed. How would they reunite with their friends.

After a rest they got to their feet and began to search the battlefield. Thorian began tearing the goblin construction off of the old dwarf building in disgust.

Warath found an old scroll tube containing messages from the Stardust Dwarves. Apparently it was a documented treaty between the dwarves and the goblins, planning on joining their households through marriage and agreeing to split Brazenhold and it's lands between them.

Thorian approacked Hile's body with contempt. He saw the chains again.

Thorian delicately removes the chains from Hile’s axe. He recognized them for what they were, forged by Fire Dwarves and property of Brazenforge They were his heritage, they were his legacy. How dare Hile defile their honor by fielding them against a Brazenforge? If he wasn’t a lifeless pile of bones and flesh, Thorian would exact vengeance. The chains snapped onto his Avalanche hammer as if they were made for it. He spun the hammer about, lengthening the chain as he spun the hammer and smashed a Goblin Idol left behind on the battle field. He looked the very image of the ancient kings of Brazenforge with his magic hammer chained to his armor and the shield bearing his family crest.

He turned to his companions, who bravely stood a little straighter.

"We can't and shouldn't go back. Forward to the throne room. To honor and immortality, for the Dwarves of Brazenforge and for Brazenhold.'

A tear fell from his eye. Warath exchanged glances with Maribe, they both knew it was easier to let him have his moments.

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