Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Documentary....

The JimmyJango Project.

Ok, so I announced my intention to do a documentary on Episode 99 in the Hollywood Minute of the D6Generation.

Here are the deets, to know why I want to make a documentary read more below:

But first the "Docu-Details":  Email me at  your age; occupation; hobby (larper, cosplay, minigamer, roleplayer, minature gamer, or board gamer); married, where you live (overseas is fine), and years in hobby.  Give me a brief summary of why you would like to be in the documentary and be prepared to submit a video tape audition of yourself, think Survivor, American Idol, the Bachelor, etc...  That is really it.  If selected beyond the email I will contact you with further details.  The email submission is only open for 60 days or on or before Midnight GMT May 31, 2012.

My goal is to showcase to the world what we do as gamers.  To show people what really going to a convention and playing:  miniature games, European style board games, CCG's, Larping, and Cosplay is all about.  To help dispel the following mental image, real or perceived, when talking about our hobby to a non-gamer:

The setting - a neighborhood Cocktail party early Summer...

Neighbor:  "Hey, Raef, good to see you, so I hear you are going on a trip, where are you going?"

Raef:  "Yes, I am going to GenCon."

Neighbor:  "Oh, what is that?"

Raef:  "Its a gaming convention."

Neighbor:  [with cartoon like word balloon over head with the image of Raef wearing elf ears dressed in chainmail with a felt dice bag tied to my belt and a foam sword over my shoulder]  "Umm oh that sounds interesting, so can I get you a beer and how about those New England Patriots?"

Raef:  *Sigh* and thinks to himself.  "They have no idea what I am talking about."

Call to Arms!  I need you to help you...and me.  I am looking for my cast of characters.  So send me your email and hopefully video submissions!  Just kindly remember, what you will be submitting, will become property of the film that is to say my property.  I will be using it to promote, be in, or for any purpose involving the documentary.  By making a video submission you acknowledge you are releasing any of your rights, if any, to me.

I look forward to hearing from you all.


Raef "Hollywood" Granger

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