Sunday, April 1, 2012

Even though Thorian had been a mere babe in his mother's arm when they fled Brazenhold the tunnels were in his blood. The stories his parents had told him, the tales from travelers and the sympathetic feeling he felt from the stone all combined to paint a map. In his mind.

The party slew their most recent patrol of goblins and came to a pass. Ahead they heard deep running water.

"Aye, we are close.". Thorian mumbled. "The Amber King's river lies ahead. That means the passage of nights is that way.". He pointed to the passage that climbed downwards to the right.

The party decided to scout each passage. The river would bE easier if the goblins had left the bridge intact. If not, they would have the take the passage of nights. Thorian shuddered to think about that option, it wasn't safe when the dwarves held the hold.

Gaylord and Silj went right. They were tasked with confirming the passage was that way. Warpath, Maribe, Thorian and Ithy went forward to check on the bridge.

As they approached the fast moving river they heard voices and movement. Warath moved into cover and darkness as naturally as the setting sun. Thorian stood in the middle of the path, crossed his arms and walked forward.

The sight he saw tore his heart asunder. It was the bridge over the Amber King River. It was intact but in such illrepair it looked as if it would barely stand another day. About it stood the holdfast of Amberdeep, one of the settlements on the outskirts of Brazenhold.

Buildings had collapsed while others were clearly modified by goblins. The foul creatures were everywhere. In the town square a meeting between 3 Stardust dwarves and goblins was taking place.

More to come shortly.....

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