Friday, November 11, 2011

Test....Test....Almost There....Done!!

Ok, so I think I got it.
  MouseGuard Session Play (First Half)

So one of my goals with Raef 2.0 (which is the term I am calling the re-launch of my law firm in Portsmouth NH) was to learn how to host my own website, was to be lean and mean with staff, and to teach myself new entrepreneurial skills.

So on that front, I have built and hosted my own website on Squarespace for my lawfirm at  It was a little time consuming, but I taught myself to do it. I am rather proud of myself actually.  The website is ok. It is not that, I am proud of teaching myself how to get a domain on GoDaddy then point the domain over to Squarespace, to have my url show up in the address bar, not Squarespace's url.  I also created email addresses in Google Apps (which I love by the way); and created domain aliases in Google Aps, and have all my domains accounts manged under my main login for Google Apps.

This all helped for the podcast and blog too.  And helped for my credit report updater product called Powered by RD Reports which is going through a re-branding which means all different web skills and re-pointing.  So anyhoo, I knew I need to learn these skill sets.

Another one of my goals for Raef 2.0 was to also learn how to publish, host and sell a podcast.  Because I started by wanting to create financial podcasts in the bankruptcy sphere.  But I figured hey, I already have experience podcasting in the gaming sphere, so why not start there.

So with Russ "TechGuy" Wakelin's help to choose payloadz, I am launching my first test product.  The Hollywood Gamer Podcast Show (G.P.S.) which is a full session of MouseGuard.

This is as asked by many of you, the session role play for MouseGuard:

Cast of Characters:

Breaker as played by Dr. Lombardi, Cornelius (Patrol Leader) as played by Greg "the Scot", Algemon the IV as played by Doc, and Ember as played by Moss.

The season is Fall, and the Patrol has made its way to Elmoss to find the lost mailmouse Nigel.

[Here it is.  Tech Test for The Hollywood Gamer Podcast Show (this is not the show format)  MouseGuard Session Play - First Half.]

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