Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Navin Interview and THDGPS FAQ.

The First Evah Hollywood Gamer Podcast Show.  The Navin Interview:  Whatever Happened to Painted Figs? 

Click Here For Navin Interview

But first to answer, in one place, a bunch of questions that I have been receiving.

Ok so a lot has happened, and I have received a bunch of questions through twitter and email since the birth of the idea for the Hollywood Gamer Podcast Show.
  1. First.  There is no falling out between Russ and Craig and I.  I look forward to the very next show I can be on.  The closest show is definitely show 100 and may be earlier depending on the rotating 3rd chair schedule.  I see myself as just going off to make a solo guitar album while the D6G band still tours.
  2. Why my own show?   I realized after I decided to step down that although I do not want to podcast at 3-4 hours a week, I do still love podcasting.  So, I thought hey, this is a chance for me to do all the things creative and entrepreneurial that I was unable to do for a variety of reasons with the D6G.
  3. What is The Hollywood Gamer Podcast Show? 

·        I imagine it to be a blend between a talk show and an interview show. 
·        It is designed to last one hour MAX.  It is designed to fit that itch of gaming interest where one may not have the 4 hours for a D6G episode. 
·        I imagine 8-9 shows a year.  Shows - not an ongoing podcast.  Approx. 1 show a month with a built in “holiday” of 3 months.
·        It is designed to compliment the D6G episodes.  Where the D6G reviews and discusses the new game hotness, interviews the new game’s designer and all things “this year” in gaming.  I plan to talk any game or other HD item of interest via Raef’s Round Table style.  I want to talk to game designers, game insiders, game store merchants, and talk comics, videos, and anything else gamers do or talk about.    
·        It is designed to be ad free.  I personally dislike ads.  That is not to say ads are bad or not a good source of revenue, I just do not like watching them myself.  So I do not want my show to have them, BUT I believe in paying myself for the show.  Ie.  I do not watch “The Walking Dead on T.V. (ad supported).  I buy it though Zune on xbox (viewer supported).  I do want to have corporate and listener sponsorship.  And hey sponsorship is and ad too, I get it.  But to me, I can take those as a listener/ watcher.  I believe we gamers should support what we like ourselves by paying up when needed.  That is just me.   
·        Why pay per click episodes?  See above, I wanted to have it both corporate and listener supported.  I did not need or want a huge listener base.  A big listener base will still be very complimentary to my ego.  J  Hey, I already have done that with the D6G, I want to do something new.  I thought I could build a small but loyal listener base.  And….a pay per click/show is almost never done.  That was appealing to me.  Could I be the ONE that made it happen.  You see, I use to play the Sisters of Battle in 40K when they were just a list in a White Dwarf.  No one played them. Everyone told me not to play them if I wanted to be competitive.  They were not viable, and some would say, were not viable even after a few codices.  I still played them, I was like: “No!  I can make them win!”  Well, I could not.  I am sure others could, but not me.  I lost and lost and lost.  Ah….hubris.  Well I wimped out.  No pay per click/ show.  This time I am going to listen to the advice of others.
4.  So…it is not pay per click/show then?  Nope.  And to be honest it’s sort of a relief.  After listening back to the Navin interview, I wanted all gamers to hear it….and business students….and the guy down the street…and whomever the freak wants to.  And, who knows where it will go?
5.  So how do I get this show of yours?  Well for now, you have to go to my blog or click this link.  Since I had the show set up for pay per click that is the podcast host and method I chose.  I will see about making the show port into iTunes and other podcast catchers directly for upcoming shows.

So, that is my story.  I hope you enjoy the Navin Interview and a new show format set in a plethora of gaming podcast show goodness.

Raef “Hollywood” Granger.

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