Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ok a lot Brewing Here....

1.  I am planning my next session for the Skype MouseGuard with Doc.; Dr. Lombardi, Silberman, and Moss. Here is what I mailed them today after we left off last session.

Yesterday's chase left you tired and sore and the cold weather snap has sapped your strength.  You enter Elmoss at nightime, the moon hangs high in the air.  Dinner has been completed and you seek out the Lords of Elmoss to determine the whereabouts of Nigel and his precious package.  There are three Lords, The Lord of the Moss, Lord of the Wood and Lord of the Harvest.  One of these three must know of the whereabouts of the lost mailmouse.  

2.  I am also working on a cool project along with eight others headed by the esteemed Mr. Gallant and Mr. Turner. I cannot say what it is, but I can say it involves adventures on the high seas. 

3.  And I just pre-ordered the Star Wars MMO.  A bunch of us local yocals have formed a guild on both sides so we can be on the same server.  It should be really interesting.  For me to be hooked to the game, it will need to have a good crafting system with an Auction House.

That is all......


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