Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Next Step

The Next Step....

I am happy to announce my new show "The Hollywood Gamer Podcast Show".  It is set to air in December of this year, 2011.

Wait, (you may be asking yourself) if you have time or the desire to podcast why are you not just back at the D6G?  We loved you there.  (Thank you very much for all the kind emails, tweats, and forum posts on that subject).  Why are you making a new show?

Well let me explain a bit.  In my short time away I gained some perspective on my desire, thoughts, and personal goals.

  • I have been presented with a bunch of micro opportunities that I wanted to explore.
  • As I grow my law practice into what I want it to be, I have carved out time and space for other ventures.  One of them was podcasting in the bankruptcy/ finance space.
  • But I also thought, hey, now that I have my own business again, what if I podcasted or worked on my own flavor gaming podcast during the day instead of late at night?
The fun of any entrepreneurial venture is "What if??"  I began to ask myself, what if I did a pay-per-click downloadable podcast....and what if it was episodic in nature and not continuous.  And what if I just did 8-10 shows a year that would give me some built in breaks, and what if, it was like a radio talk show on all things I like to talk about; comics; light game reviews on the feel vs. the rules; gaming entrepreneur interviews; and entrepreneurial interests in general (like Starbucks is accepting donations from us to give to banks!!).  And what if it was shorter in length like about an hour for when we just don't have the time for a full dose of D6G goodness; and what if it was both sponsor supported and listener supported.

Then just like that....boom.....done...the idea was formed.  I grew really excited and thought for weeks on the new format.  I talked to the guys at D6G to make sure this was not stepping on any toes, and they assured me to go have fun and give it a try!  With the D6G's blessing, I am excited to start The Hollywood Gamer Podcast Show.  (See the acronym in there?)  :)

Right now the concept is, there are those of us out there that like the things I like, (for good or for bad).  Our interests vary but our passion stays strong.  We pay 3.50 for Starbucks coffees vs. the more cost effective travel mug; we donate to podcasts and websites to keep them going; we buy farming games; we still like buying hardcover RPG and Rule books; we still like comic book collecting; and of course we are incredibly handsome and funny.

So if that describes you or even just interests you then this show is for you.  I have no idea where it will go but that is half the fun.  I do know what it is going to be about.

  • The show will have interviews: the first interview is Navin of Paintedfigs.  Many of you have asked where did he go?  What happened to his business?  Well we will all find out.
  • It will have round table discussions, of the gaming industry, games and the players that play them.  For example, the second half of the first show, will be exploring: Why do we get attracted to the "New"?  A new Xbox game goes out, I feel the real compulsion to buy it, ya know?  But I have two new games I just bought!!!.  Why do I desperately crave the new one????
  • It will have some kind of chat room or call in format so we can talk "live".
  • And, the show will have us all talking together on all things of interest in the gaming world, through my, dare I say, unique lens.

I am looking forward to it.  Hopefully that means you will to.

But why charge for the show, Hollywood?

Answer:  I promised in the D6G that I would always be honest.  I make that promise here as well.  I want to test a theory.  I want to see if the pay-per-click model will work.  I mean, this is how I enter my buying space.  I pay for the songs I want on iTunes, I pay for the Walking Dead on Zune, I pay for the audible books I want; I am used to this kind of market place.  It works for me, it may work for others like you.

I am too lazy to write a book for right now, I cannot draw, and I cannot sing, but I can talk!  I want to try sell that product - Me talking.  Does that frighten me?  You bet it does.  The question remains, can a podcast be mainly listener supported?  Hey, the podcast will live or die on how good it is.  If it is good, I believe it will grow and be listener supported.  Will there be advertisers?  No.  Will there be corporate sponsors?  Yes.

How much is the show?  One buck.  Uno dollars or Neuvo Pesos, or .33% the cost of one comic book.  

If it is terrible, it will fail.  I am ok with that. Will it be embarrassing?  Maybe.  Will I feel a little stupid, if no one buys it?  Probably.  Will some of you hate the fact that I am charging?  Maybe.  Will other of you think, "Hey cool, that's gutsy, I respect that!"  I hope so.

When I searched myself (see what I did there) for wanting to charge for a podcast in a world where hardly anyone does, I found I was scared of the thought.  I was frightened of what people might say.  Like "How dare he charge for his own words, his own thoughts, I mean who does he think he is?  He's no Leo Larporte or Scott Johnson or Tom Merritt"

But, once I recognized that fear, I realized that I had to do it. Fear will stop an entrepenurial idea dead in its tracks every time.  I have learned in my years, that if it is fear that is stopping you then you need to face it and go ahead and do it!

So that is it, my new big announcement.  Hopefully you will like the new show format.  Hey if anything it is worth 1.00 to find out right?


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