Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where is HD Now???

Phew, ok, so here I am back at my blog, and it is nice to write a post.

I just finished up Episode 90 for those of you following along.  It should be airing rather soon, and I think you will like what we have produced.

I have received a lot of well wishes and tweets and emails all wishing me well, my law practice well, and mentioning that I will be missed on the podcast.  I really appreciate that.  Remember I will not be gone on the D6G, and I am cooking up some ideas all related to gaming still so stay tuned on that front.....

In the mean time, here is what I plan to do with my free time.  Hmm....lets see.

  • Build Models:  I just recently built the new PP Bombardier Models, and they are freaking awesome.  Really fun to build too.
  • Paint Models:  I need to paint a few FOW stands for Matt Alix's campaign that he will be running.
  • Go to Game Night:  Craig is hosting a weird west Gutshot event on Nov 1. at Myriad Games.  I cannot wait!
  • Run my other law related business.  Go here if that interests you.
  • Continue my Mouse Guard adventures.  I am running a cyber campaign with Doc, Greg, Moss, and Angelo and a live campaign with Brian, Matt and Stino and maybe the nefarious Dave.
In Re:  Fantasy Flight Games vs. Stronghold games.  I have received a lot of emails on the IP issue apparently surrounding many of our favorite game companies in the printing and making of Richard Hamblan's Merchant of Venus.   (See GameSalute's nice little blurb on the matter.)  Many of the emails, tweets, and facebook posts (thanks Russ!) say "Help!  Hollywood! Save the Day!!!".  Okay maybe not with so many exclamation points.  I thank you for your confidence in me, really it is nice.  And, well, let me see what I can do ;)

As for all else, may your leaf stay dry in the rains of Autumn.


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