Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MouseGuard RPG Live Play Session Downloadz

Here, by request, are the MouseGuard Session Plays.  Each one is about 3 hours long and is the price of a modern comic book - $3.99.

Part I of the MouseGuard Session Play.  (Edited).

Part II.  Per Request this is unedited.  So I do not recommend you play in front of little ears.



  1. Appears to work just fine. Looking forward to the listen.

  2. The download worked and this is a very interesting podcast. I like it quite a bit and it says good things for the Hollywood Games Podcast, if these first two episodes are indicative of the range you'll have through all of its lifespan.

  3. Its been fun listening to you guys work your way through the Mouse guard rules and world. Looking forward to hearing from more rpg's in the future.

  4. Thanks Guys. I am trying to find a way to put the mouseguard RPG's stickyed at the top....more to come