Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Here are the exploits of our Sunday night virtual DnD.

DM = Doc Raine
Maribe = Raef
Thorian = Angelo

Meet Thorian a Dwarven Fighter. (Character sheet included)

While his family line can be traced back to the original founders of the Dwarven hold Brazenforge. When he was in his infancy the Ironclaw Goblin tribe raided the hold and in a night of bloodshed and fire took the hold from the Brazen Dwarves. His family was among the refugees that fled to the surface. His parents joined a merchant family as labor and raised him with the humans of the caravan. He was educated in human lore by the other families while his parents taught him dwarven tradition and history.

He didn’t have the skills for trade or commerce so he joined the small but well trained caravan guard and learned his trade. His extraordinary strength and dwarven resilience allowed him to quickly became head of the guard.
Years later his parents retired from the caravan life and Thorian decided it was time to take his skills and his wanderlust in a different direction. He decided to take up the life of an adventurer with the long term goal of raising enough money to amass and army and retake Brazenforge from the goblins.
Thorian’s hatred for Goblins is immense. He will take on impossible odds and forget about all else when faced with an opportunity to spill goblin blood.
He has a strong respect and fondness for wandering merchants. He understands their life and feels the desire to protect and assist them. He also enjoys browsing the merchandise they carry and will usually buy some small trinket and overpay for it to help out the families involved.
Years after his parents retired, Thorian discovered that they were put into debtors prison. This shocked him because they had amassed enough money to be comfortable. Thorian spent all of his gold to get them released and learned that they had entered into a business arrangement with a wealthy merchant named Artoric Mannan. Artoric scammed them our of their retirement and more. When Thorian’s father got angry and confronted him, Artoric had him arrested for the outstanding debt. Thorian’s parents are currently free and living a modest living helping out around the coach inn “Three Forks” but his anger at Artoric has not found an outlet.
While visiting his parents at Three Forks he became enamored with the human daughter of the couple that own it. Her name is Esmerelda. While he would never entertain a cross race relationship, Thorian would do anything to protect and provide for Esmerelda and her family. Esmerelda is a hideous, obese woman by human standards but to a dwarf, she is just about perfect. Maybe a little tall, but Thorian can look past that.
Thorian is a rather ugly dwarf and certainly not very smart. He has a particular tick that irritates the heck out of his friends and family. Whenever people start to talk about anything clever or smart, he completely zones out and starts grunting quietly to himself. Even if something is important he won’t ask questions, or even listen. He assumes when the action starts he will do his part to chop up the nearest monster.
His most notable good habit is his generosity and protective nature. He feels the need to protect anyone less capable and provide for anyone in need. This is usually in conflict with his life long goal of retaking Brazenforge. He keeps giving away his gold and spending time on quests with no financial payback but important to people in need.
Questions Asked of Us by Doc: 
Also once you have class and race decided on - please answer the following and send to me:
--First Level Druid-Summer. Female Human. Name is Maribe “Marry Bee”
Something your character loves:
--Long walks on moonlight beaches. J/K.
--Milk Chocolate.
Something your character hates:
--Arrogant People.
A person your character is attached to/likes.
--She loves her niece, Jasmine. Jasmine was born out of wedlock to

Maribe’s sister - Jenna. Jenna is a milkmaid.
A person your character despises:
--The Baron of the Estate where Jenna works. It was one of the

Baron’s soldiers who raped Jenna which lead to Jasmine. Maribe
despises the Baron’s as, the soldier, is just a soldier and it is
expected. But when it was reported to the Baron’s watch as a rape and
Jenna was looking for soldier’s benefits for the baby. The Watch
Sargent and soldiers including the father, just laughed, dismissing
her, pushing her away so hard Jenna and the baby fell into the mud.
The Baron was atop his horse, saw the whole event, and did nothing.
A good habit:
--Maribe practices Sul-Sun. A method of body warming and breathing
techniques that bring balance to the mind.

A bad habit:
--Maribe does like her wine.

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