Saturday, April 30, 2011

And here is more DnD goodness

These posts are written by our fearless Dwarf - Thorian.

Thorian’s Story Update:
Thorian sat down loudly in the straw. In the stall next to him the great Black bear let out a bellow. Dixie the mule barely twitched.
The dwarf was reminded of how steadfast the mule was. Fire, ghouls, even a bear stabled next to him and still the mule doesn’t have a care in the world
“Goblins” he mutters. What kind of establishment allows for their kind to eat amongst the enlightened races. Thorian considers crashing in the door and bringing his warhammer to the heads of those foul creatures. Most likely close cousins of the tribe that pillaged his ancestral hold.
He quickly dismissed the idea. The ancient rules of hospitality don’t allow him to attack the guests in another’s house without cause. For now, he will have his dinner in the stables and dream of running into the goblins on the open road.
Just as his mind turns to the odd weather and the unseasonal snow the barn door opens. Thorian leaps up clutching his hammer, hoping the goblins have come for a fight. Maribe is silhouetted in the door. First she sees to her bear companion, petting his wire like fur and handing him a giant rare cut of prime meat.
Then she turns to Thorian. “The goblins have left the common area for the night. Won’t you please join us inside where it is warm and inviting?”
Not much for thinking, the dwarf considers his options. . “Aye” he grumbles. “Someone should stand guard against the evil goblins and I can watch them closer from the main hall”. He nods his thanks to Maribe and trudges through the growing snow banks back to the tavern.
Knowing the goblins are close at hand, he tucks his pouch of gold beneath his armor. It is the first of the fortune he needs to raise his army and retake Brazenhold. He only hoped he would be able to raise a fortune fast enough to retake the hold while his parents still lived.
“Goblins” he mutters again.
Maribe frowns behind him. She doesn’t understand such strong racial hatred. She isn’t sure what position she will take if a fight breaks out without cause. Maybe she should have left the stubborn dwarf in the barn.

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