Monday, November 15, 2010

Why I can't live without my iPhone.

As the title suggests I learned an interesting lesson about my iPhone.  I was literally unable to live without.  No, no, not like I could not breathe or anything.  Oh, Oh, I just remembered I went to the coolest Tavern last night it was very dungeony with brick and exposed granite foundations.  When we have a D6G meet up in New England, I will take you all there.

Ok, on to the iPhone, I switched away to Verizon as it has better coverage in my commute, and just took the free LG texting phone.  I generally like the LG product, but here is what I did not even realize I missed until it was gone.  All of these features have nothing to do with the Data Plan btw.

1.  I kept missing voice mails.  Why?  I had no idea when a new voicemail was in.  Apple shows the voice mail, like an email, a window that ranks the calls in order, and I can click the one I want to hear or delete or whatever.  The standard phone, just shows a bunk, tiny teeny, head symbol to show I have a VM, but then *gak* you have to dial into (or at least take the time to program in the VM number) and listen to all the VM in order  *sigh* so slowwwww and irritating.  The feeling was like going back to dial up modem after using broad band.

2.  I could not text one handed as the phone had a lateral keyboard.  Shhh....don't tell Oprah why I needed to text one handed.

3.  No more connecting my contacts with MobileMe.  So again, I had different email contacts, phone contacts, and calender info.

4.  New iPhone?  No problem all data stored on itunes.  Voila one sync and it was all there.

5.  I had two devices again, no more phone and podcasts in one device.  The one I needed was always in a hard to reach pocket it seemed.

6.  Phone call coming in, iPhone autopauses the podcast.  I don't know I just like it because it makes sense.

7.  LG phone, the most ridiculous standard rings I ever heard.  I have no idea maybe the speaker was in the wrong place, but if in my pocket even with vibrate again I was missing calls.  In this day and age, one expects to reach the other.  When I would miss a call, I would get in the car, and be like "oh another missed call.  Well I just will see who it is, and call back."  After clicking about 5 buttons that could be accomplished.  With the iPhone it is one click.

8.  The UI, of course, is just too clean in the iPhone.  Again go back to a standard phone.  Felt like using dial up vs. broadband.  You start to tap your foot, and I just got generally irritated because I KNOW there is an easier way to do it, I just had a phone that did!

9.  Bluetooth, again, the UI just makes sense, while on a call, you can switch from phone to bluetooth with the click of two clicks.  With the standard phone, I had to remember to click it on in settings.  So what would happen is, phone would ring at my desk, the darn bluetooth would pick up the earbud at the charging dock in the kitchen.  On the standard phone there was no easy way that I could find to disconnect the earbud so I could talk in the dang phone.  Again, iPhone, you just switch off the earbud right from the phone call menu.

10.  The standard phone treats phone calls and texts and contacts as three separate menu trees.  The iPhone give you 3 different ways to access a text. So if I am in contacts no issue I can send a text, or go to the text window, or respond by text to a missed call.  The standard phone again, was like "huh, you want to send a text from a missed if you can remember which 10 buttons to press you can" irritating. 

So in order to have my blood pressure go back down, rejoin the 21st Century, and actually receive my calls, I had to switch back to my iPhone and have been glad ever since.



  1. Oh man, totally this way with me! Changed my life and I can even look to another cellphone and few a bit of sorrow for those that don´t have it!

  2. Come on Raef! There's a lot of New Englanders (myself) who would like to see this tavern! Spill it! I'm a fan of the Wild Rover in Manchester myself.