Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Wow Thing Cont'd

OMG, its the greatest thing since Star no.  It is not.  Of course, Cataclysm is not out yet.  So I was levelling my 61 DK in Outlands, I cannot tell you how many characters I have levelled through there.  I HATE that area.  I really just want to see Northrend.  I DO love playing with friends though, had a blast when toon Redline was on.  He and I travelled together and it was fun. 

As Scott Johnson of the Instance has always said, MMO's are more fun with friends, and they definitely are. 

Therefore, when no one is on WoW, I go back to my good old standby.  Lotro.  The lore justs hooks me in more I guess.  I am working on Stoni finishing the "Epic" or "Book Quests".  I have completed Part I of Volume I and am now on Part II.  So far in the whole expanse of the game I probably have done over 100+ epic quests.  And there is Vol II in Moria and Vol III which I have not even started yet.  I do love the fact that I can work on those and in my mind's eye, I feel as if Stoni is running right next to Frodo assisting in his small way. 

You see in the Book quests we meet, Frodo, Gimli, Elron, Strider, and Legolas, its pretty cool actually.

Right now I am in the area of Annuimas (sp) and have to admit would not know this area in the movies if I tripped over it.  MMM....sounds like a good time to pop in what.... the Fellowship disc II?

Also, looking forward to breaking guessed it some Hordes models during football today at 4:15.  Now to go shopping to make homemade chili, since my time in Texas I make a mean chili.


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