Thursday, October 28, 2010

The WoW Thing....

Ok, so here is what I decided.  Cataclysm is a game just like any other game.  I don't have to commit to it for life.  I have not played Star Craft II in a dog's age but I am still glad I got the game and do like playing it when I feel like it.

So, with that consternation out of the way.  Here is what I am thinking.  Going to look forward to the next month while getting reacquainted with the game now.  The new game has both elements I like: new, levels, and new graphics.  So the only missing element?  Friends.  Yep.  Friends make or break any MMO experience.  So my goal is simple just see the new expansion and enjoy what it has to offer.  If you want in.  I'd love to bring you in to the circle.  Not your cup of tea?  Don't worry, I can catch you at the next con. 

This will be low key, social, adult minded group in my minds eye.  I like teaching and am happy to explain the basics to anyone as long as you realize I am no expert.  I so far will be aided with this by RL friends Michele and Rodney in Eitrigg both very experienced players but also very nice helpful and low key. 

In case the following matters to you, I will warn you in advance.  I very rarely schedule anything in an MMO game.  I just like to pop on when I can and go from there.  For those who "know" me that is no surprise.  I don't have a particular play time or night although Sat. morns are good times once pop warner football is over.  I imagine we will form a guild but it is just an excuse to hang out and chat and quest.  Also, if the right option exists and the majority want to switch to a new server upon Cataclysm launch.  I probably will consider that. 

Other than that here are the details.  Server is Eitrigg.  Alliance.  My toon is Tiberieus and Zappix.  A Dwarf Death Knight level 61 and a 5th level Gnome Mage.  I am waiting to level the Mage when Cataclysm comes out and trying the WarpWolf er...I mean Wargen.

I invite Michele and Rodney to write a comment and tell us their toons, if they wish.

I look forward to seeing you in game.


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