Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Wow 4.0.1

So, a lot on my mind this week.  

Do I or don't I play the new Cataclysm expansion in WoW? See this is the type of decision that will drive me nuts. I should see it, because I do like MMO's. This will be a big expansion. The entire Old World is being changed with a new world and all new quests. Also allowing level cap to 85 which is moot for me.

I have decided that what I like most about MMO's are the people and the quests. Cataclysm solves the latter but not the former. A lot of people have two MMO's on their comps. Curt Shilling is betting on that. Why can't I? I don't know. I have always been a One game kinda guy. The pride that somehow comes with, "Yeah I don't play ____________, I play ____________!" Why is that? I have no idea. I guess because I can be so random at times that I have envy over the people that can remain focused on one game. Like Russ' brother. He plays WoW that's it. Boom. Done.

I mean like yesterday, I knew I needed some me gamer time on Sunday. I was like a chicken with my head cut off. This was me....."Ah, ok, kids are happy and quiet, wife is out, I have from 3-6pm before supper and bedtime kicks in....what do I do, I will download WoW and wait no one I know will be on...ok, go to same old stuff there....ok, I will paint my Hordes I am too lazy to pull them out of my case...I will watch a movie...nah that will eat up my 3 hours too fast...I will watch football...nah I was at football all day." You get the idea. I ended up bouncing between Lotro and WoW with little satisfaction at either.

So in the end I am deciding to download Cataclysm and check it out and trying not to obsess about it in the mean time.


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  1. Ya, Lich King drew me back last time. Mostly because of the piles of gold to be made off the new professions. This time im going to pass though. Playable goblins seem fun but everything else is Meh... *shrug*.
    Ive had the same problem lately. Can never decide and am not satisfied when i do. Im taking a break from gaming all together, i think im just burnt out but i dont really notice because while i dont work on any of them as much as id like, as a whole they become taxing.