Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new pardigm and potpourri

Ok, well let's see....

My son has discovered the new paradigm of Youtube it seems. He likes to take our camera and record videos. So we found this on our camera the other day and laughed hysterically. Then he asked if he could load it to youtube so his friends could see, so there you go, a Granger has used a new paradigm of communication.

Ok, I need help, when I use the link button in this blog it is printing as above instead as a hyperlink, now what is weird is I have done hyper links before as you can see so I do not know why I don't have links. Help.....

Re: WHFRP. We played our first game and reading the dice pools was not exactly as speedy as I thought they would be. It still took some interpretation, but I am looking forward to becoming more familiar with it that is for sure. This weekend is BCG again and we are debating playing that again or playing Factory Manager or other board games.

Re: Factory Manager. I do like this game but it is going to require a few more play throughs before I decide fully on it.

Myriad Games. I am very excited about the direction Dan is going with his Myriad Memberships. I know for a lot of you this is moot as you do not live nearby, but what I like is, we can now "rent" out a game just like netflix. So for example, before I plunk 80.00 down on Gates of Loyang I can test it out and see if I or the group will play it. Now I asked Dan about this and thought he was making a big mistake. I said, right now I am planning on buying it, but what if I rent it, and I don't like it, now you have lost an $80.00 sale. He said, you know that may be true, but I have found that the bad experience of paying 80.00 for a game you don't like actually hangs around in your mind and affects future purchases and just leaves you with a bad purchasing feeling. And also, I may have lost the sale on Gates, but what is next on you list that you want to buy. Raef says Chaos in the Old World, FOW models, and something else I am forgetting. Right, he says, and you don't have a bad taste in your mouth of blowing 80.00 you have a happy taste in your mouth and am ready to purchase whatever you want. I am paraphrasing, and you know what that does makes sense. So I am looking forward to renting out the Gates of Loyang now.

Templecon. I am very much looking forward to this con. A chance to just hang out with the d6g crew and my gamer group in a nice relaxed setting.

Very Very excited for Ia Drang FOW Vietnam. I have to finish up my last campaign battle with Don in WWII to clear my head. Then I am looking forward to getting a "painting table" my mother in law has a small scroll top desk that she is giving to me so I can keep this in the living room and just pop the scroll top down. The issue is I do not like the looks of the table at all, it is wobbly as all sin, and I believe a little too small. BUT the wife has signed off on it being in the living room so I guess that is good. My neighbor is a furniture maker and he promises me he can tighten the desk up and make it good. So we shall see. I did send an email to geekchic asking for what it would be for a custom table, but got absolutely no response. Does he know who I am??????? :0)

Well that is it for now.



  1. Okay Raef Hollywood HD Jimmy Jango Granger (what the heck am I supposed to call you :) You once talked about FB as a virtual Dark using it at all for any reason is a win as far as I can see.

    As for the link issue, when you click link, it should bring up a box and you paste your link in one field and the text you want to see in another field so you can edit it to say "You Tube Video" for example instead of just a web address. Initially both boxes will be the same. There is also a test link button, so if it doesn't work, you don't have it right. Hope that helps but if not call me and I can walk you through it...

  2. Ah thanks "TFG" Nicole. Here was my mistake. I was forgetting to highlight my words that I wanted to be the hyperlink.

    and HD is fine. ;) See you at TempleCon!

    PS. I subscribe to your blog, but how do I know when you have written a new post?

  3. Well, if you followed @nicolewakelin on twitter then you'd know because I always tweet blog updates. Otherwise, I don't see a way other than checking the Blogger dashboard, unless someone can tell us otherwise? Bueller?

  4. Facebook IS the dark side. Resist it HD. Don't give in to eeeeevil. Soon, you will be getting friend invites on your business site from the kid in your 5th grade class that ate his boogers. And people will poke you. I don't know about you, but I don't like being poked. The only redeeming quality of FB is Farmville. Sort of like Agricola but with 70 million demons...I mean players.

    As for WFRP 3.0...die pools get easier as you go. It is single-handedly the best thing to come out of this version. I'm using a homebrew, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, hybrid ruleset that is 60% 2.0 and 40% 3.0. I like the visual aids...but I can't overlooks some of the shortcomings of the new rules.

    Oh, one last thing...I've heard you can predict far into the future. What do you see me doing in 2012?

  5. Anything new on the "Flames of War" end of things? I'm trying to get out to my Friendly Local Game Store (not sure if it counts as "Professional" as well yet!) but keep running into blizzards and (this weekend) hurricanes in everything but the name!