Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mangled Metal and More...

Whew....where did those two weeks go?

Ok, got a lot on my plate here. Let's start with MKII. Russ and I played our inaugural game of MKII. And of course had Russ/ Raef confusion, but more on that later. The history of Russ and Raef facing off goes like this. (Enter Movie Memory Music Here). Back in the day I was introduced to Warmachine and loved it. The idea of a Magic Caster that can "animate" huge steam jacks and there were tons of choices and it favor's the aggressor....sign me up for that. I think I got into WM sometime after Prime. It was when I was feeling 40K was shooting fish in a barrel and one won when he mastered rules lawyering vs. playing.

So I tell Russ about it, he is not interested at all. Russ says "Eh, I heard it is like Magic the Gathering" One game later and he was hooked. He and I have been our main opponents ever since. As back in the day no one else would really play with us. So we played. Game after game after casterkill after game. We honed our skills to the point where Stryker knew Vlad's move's even before I did. Russ became synonymous with Stryker and I with Vlad.

The epic battles were born. Now whenever WM releases we are the first to battle fully painted and raring to go.

Now in the present day, I was thinking in our inaugural battle it was Russ vs. Raef and I wanted to go new page five and bring a brand new force....Sorscha and all new units. The rest of the world was expecting Styrker vs. Vlad and I can see that point. So Russ and I had fun whereby Russ would rub it in that I missed Vlad's abilities, and people would walk up and go where's Vlad. I forgot that people actually listen to the postcast. As I was like how do all these people know about our planned battle? And. I did miss Vlad.

In game one, I promptly lost. Ouch. I popped Sorcha's Icy Stare feat right into the face of his high armour feat. I knew it was not going to work but I did it anyway. I could not wait!!!! I still had Vlad's blood coursing through my veins. But in the second game, I had Vlad's lover's patience and waited until after Stryker's feat, then rained down bombards upon frozen Stryker's head. It was glorious. So Russ (1) and Raef (1). What will the rubber match be? Vlad? Sorcha? or Maybe Karchev. One never knows.

Here is the Behemoth that I painted for the game.

There is more, on other topics, but until next time....

That is my story.

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  1. Thanks to the comments about Warmachine on the show, plus pictures posted at the D6 site and related areas, I have bought Mk II and a couple of jacks. I have been out of gaming/painting for a long time, but this stuff has got me very interested!