Wednesday, December 30, 2009

That was interesting.....

So, I was all ready to go to game night this past Tues, and chose to be good husband. The wife was in a bit of a funk. So we hung out together. She usually is not the needy type, she is very self sufficient. She is the type of woman I firmly believe could live without a Man in her life and be just fine. This reminds me of the struggle between a Man's wants whether it be going golfing, the casino, of going gaming. I really wanted to go gaming, but....the wife needed me so I gladly stayed. But I did miss it. :(

So, in its place I did some fun things. I broke out Factory Manager. I had already read the rules and were completely flumxed by them. I mean they made no sense to me. I read the supplement it comes with and that helped immensely. Then I played a demo game against myself. Success! One I actually had fun as weird as that sounds. And I beat myself. Yep, if that is at all possible that is what happened. So I played one board as my making conscious choices, I played the dummy board, following the rules but with no thoughts, and guess what the dummy board Won. Figures.

This game is FUN. And pleasantly short, at least to Le Havre standards. I think a 3-4 person game after the learning curve is 90 minutes. Of course you can get a step by step breakdown on So I am just going to give you my flavor. The rules to play are simple, but the game play will take a while to master to win.

You basically have this factory board, and the goal is to have both production and storage increase to earn money which is how you win. You pick the lowest value so if your production is up to 8 and storage is only 3, you only earn 30 Electro. Which makes fluffy sense, if you produce too much and don't have enough storage well you are screwed. To balance the earning effect you add your production/ storage and subtract the current energy costs.

Ok, how to produce, you buy tiles at the market of robots, machines, and storage. These tiles have production values, storage values, worker costs and energy costs. You try to buy efficient tiles to produce while lowering your worker costs and energy costs.

What I like is the game is intuitive. You look at your board and say hmmm...I have tons of storage but I need to produce. Oh look this robot, produces 3 and lowers my worker by one. I'll try to get that. Bam. That is the whole game. There is bidding, using workers to buy turn order, to work machines, and space limitations on your factory floor causing you to make timing and purchase decisions on what and when to upgrade robots, machines, control panels, etc....

That's it that is basically the flavor or the game. I am very much looking forward to playing this with the BCG. and Russ even mentioned this one he might like to try.

Also getting ready to host my first WHFRP 3.0 day at BCG on 1.02.10 Reading up on the rules and the dungeon. I might have a celebrity on deck to come too. Scott Wegner of Atomic Robo fame!

Also, created my Warmachine 25 point list and painting list to get ready for Warmachine Launch on 1.6.10. Ordered my hardcover book and Khador deck from Myriad.

And have reached out to two more editors on writing some articles, as you can see over the holidays I get to take a break from my day job and do some fun things!

Want to also build and paint up a Huey Helicopter.

Having father/ son day today. Playing with our fully painted Grind Set. I am looking forward to how the game plays "dumbed" down or at an 8 year old level. Don't get me wrong that is more for me than for him. Oh, here is a trick. Use a blow dryer on the Grind models and the arms pop right in.

And here is what is interesting, why can't 3 year olds hold their own trash?

I very much liked Avatar, a good Cameron film. Is the story original not at all, but I don't mind being told the same story again. But then again, I still read Spider Man Comics which is of course the same story. Hey I like the pretty pictures. :)

Phew, ok, I am done for now.


PS. Are any of the followers interested in Chapter 2 or Darcy's plight? Don't just say yes to say yes, just a wondering


  1. did the WFRP 3.0 session go? I have to say the jury is still hung in my gaming group. It's funny, the "innovative mechanics" (die pools) have us interested and perplexed at the same time. I'm happy to be moving away from the d20 ruleset, but finding it awkward at the same time.

    In fact, we're developing a hybrid 2.0-3.0 system. There's too much useful information and solid rule structures in 2.0 to do without (careers, winds of magic, religious cults, etc..)

    Besides, since when is a Elven Swordmaster a BASIC CAREER?!


  2. I just got the chance to read the story and I am interested in finding out exactly what Darcy was up to, what type of office/business this is and what exactly has Darcy encountered at Laurie's office?