Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Let Russ Out???

Ok, Folks so Epie 43 just hit the airs, and we recorded Epie 44 last night. Wooh. Feels like we just did one as we did. So you all know Russ' penchant for bullets points, well the FOW scheduled interview and bullet points did not come together in our expedited schedule sooo We did a year in Review. As you all know I love the chance to just hang back and talk. Craig and Russ did the bullets but I was kept too much away at work so could not put my two cents in until.....the end.

So Russ in the beginning was a little off his game (I think because we were bulletless :) ) so I poured on the heat, well that got my friend all fired up and there was no holding him back. Woah he was off to the races folks. I think we put a really cool show in the can even if Craig and I had to fight for every word.

Look for our thoughts on a gaming year in review. That has got my juices flowing on Euro Style games. I am jonesing for either Power Plant: Factory Manager or the third in the trilogy: The Gates of Loyang. I will see what the breakfast club has to say.

Also, all fired up about flames of war, if I can get off my lazy butt and bring my painting table upstairs I would be all set. You see with my daughter being 2.5 I cannot leave my stuff out plus my wife hates it. Which by the way I have something in the works with my neighbor who just happens to be a furniture maker. My concept is a painting table that can stay in the den or living room and has a scroll top or flip down lid. Simple. I checked out Geek Chic they have nothing of the sort yet, and they are on the West Coast so shipping could be an issue. I will keep you posted on that development.

For some reason I feel like playing Grind and MonPoc right now. Also, had a chance to play Dragon Age: Origins again. It really is a cool story. For the first time, I am even interested in managing my party which I usually never have the patience for.

Stoni is 3 bars away from 60! At this point, I am waiting for my RL friends to be on so we can share in the moment.

Also really beginning to look forward to TempleCon. I am wrestling with the idea of running a fast and loose Le Havre game or actually contacting Ximon to schedule a time. Check out TempleCon here.

Also looking forward to hearing Sherry Yeary on TFG. Have not heard that segment yet.

Well that is it for now.



  1. Russ clearly needs to let his inner Jimmy Jango out more often.

    And definitely sign up for a slot at Templecon Raef so people know where to find you. Remember all the whining that you did after Templecon 2009! That was not in keeping with Jimmy Jango. ;-)


  2. Hey JJ (That's your new acronym, right?),

    Eldenward here, I need some advice on how to rebrand my image. I mean, you've morphed from Raef, to HD, and now to JJ...and you it seems to catch on. How can I do that?

    Anyway, if you're tired of listening to yourself on the D6G, check out my latest podcast find:

    Van Hemlock. It's all video game related material, but they're good fun, and almost have as good of a chemistry going as you 3.

    Jimmy Jango!

  3. Looking forward to hearing Episode 44 :)