Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ok, so Stoni has hit level 60 level cap in Lotro. It was hard fought. He had entered the Library of Steel to save the forges from the forces of Sauron but had failed. He then entered a deep deep spider lair, fought crystalline spiders. Barely visible but yet detectable by the stout dwarf. For you see these Spider Ravagers had bound up his fellow dwarves in silken cocoons. These dwarves lay cocooned and entombed to the walls of the lair. It was up to Stoni and Stoni alone to save his fellow dwarves from becoming Spider food. Save them he did, and in his redemption he reached the maximum level of Guardianship. For now.....He still fights Sauron in the detphs of Moria. Will he ever surface to see the light of Erigon again?

As for Stonai, well he is a Noble dwarf in the lands of Dragon Age: Origins. He is still mastering his party mechanics as he attempts to save the world from the blight.

As for HD. Well he hopes to bring up his painting table and actually paint some FOW models. It is rumored that Sir Craig and his British will be gracing the halls of HD'dome for some FOW action next Breakfast Club meeting.

As for Raef. He does feel a sense of accomplishment reaching level 60. I thought once I hit endgame, I would be instantly like a squirrel looking for a new tree to climb. But alas no, I still have an interest in the Lands of Tolkien it seems. I look forward to helping level Dauph his good friend from Real Life. And of course, cooking pies to raise my cooking guild levels.

Well that's all for now.


  1. I have a 15mo daughter, so I know it's tough to find space, but you have to have at least an easy to setup painting area. Here's what I did when I lived in a 650sqft apartment with my wife and daughter.
    Also, here's what I'm painting up for WWII (28mm though)