Friday, October 30, 2009

Not Much To Do About Nothing

A BIG shout out goes to Tyler Crowley who did up my new JimmyJango Avatar. Thanks Tyler!!!

I've also opened up Comments. I guess I will see what you yahoos think. :)

Well, made another step forward on the super secret T-shirt project can't say anything more yet. Also working on a special appearance on a certain podcast, but that is still in the works.

Was too tired to level Stoni last night. It is getting close. Expansion hits on Dec. 1, and I am only level 58 and 1/2. Did bring up Arkham Asylum and had a blast with that. Also strangely looking forward to playing Fallout 3 again too. Sadly I traded that in.

Oh, had an idea too. So as you may know, I do like to collect comic books but I am not a pack rat. So I now have a box of comics that I want to get rid of. They are all current ones not lamos. Anyone know how I go about shipping this to our troops overseas?

Also want to try the inking method for my FOW guys but I am too lazy to bring up my painting table.


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