Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Morning Web Heads

Ok, so I just have to say. That ASM #611 is really cool this week. When I first looked at the cover, I said wait a minute what is going on here. It is drawn with what I call abstract comic art. You know when the feet are really long the ankles impossible skinny and stuff. Inside the art is kinda weird but I really really liked. There is the one main page splash where Spidey's knees look like they are all out of joint and he is in this impossible position. It was cool because, I realized sometimes it is boring to just see all the same spidey web body positions ya know. The artist is Eric Canete

And the story is really wacky too. It has Deadpool in it, and the book pokes fun of itself, the comic world, there are really funny editorial comments. I say to any comic lover, spidey or no, this is a must read.

I also have been still enjoying the Walking Dead. I have a love hate relationship with Wolverine. Loved the Old Man Logan story arc. Hate what comes after. Love the Wolverine Weapon X story line by Jason Aaron.

And to my surprise, Punsiher MAX is getting a reboot in Nov. with #1. People have been saying it has not been cool since Ennis left. I liked it and liked the last writer, but even cooler is the same Jason Aaron of Wolverine above is coming to Punisher MAX where kingpin is making an appearance so that should be cool.

Try listening to Paulo Nutini's New Shoes a snappy little song.

That's all for now!


PS. Stoni has been back to the Oven and made Beef Delights, Shepard's Pie, Hobbiton Omelets, and several small and large repasts.

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