Monday, November 23, 2009

A Wet T-Shirt

Ok, you know what I hate. When I am washing a big pot like lets say one that I cooked my potato's in for my potato and leek soup. Yes. Folks I cook in real life too! Well, I hate it when you are washing said pot and you slosh the water up over the rim of the pot onto your shirt right onto where your gamer gut lies. I hate that as I am too lazy to change my shirt. So all night your shirt remains cold and wet against your skin. Not good.

You know what I like. Hersey's kisses. My favorite MMO food is Hershey's kisses and pretzels. Your online friends like it too especially the crunch crunch into their ears on the headsets.

I am looking forward to some nice time off here. We are hosting T-Day at my house this year. Now what is normally interesting about this is Marisa and I battle over the dishes. I have my opinions and she has hers. You know which family's dishes are appropriate and the like. Her stuffing comes from store bought stuffing cubes. Mine comes from stale italian bread and sausage and mozzerella cheese. Mine is nice and moist. Her's dry. I mean come on what is better than sausage and cheese! But this year we are trying a new tack with each other. We are treating each other with the upmost civility and compromise. Like this, Raef: "Are we having your Mom's stuffing recipe this year or my mothers?" Marisa: "You, know would you mine if we had my mother's recipe, I do not really like sausage." Raef: "I think that is just fine, dear."

I do not know who the hell we are this year, but it is rather nice.

Gaming, is very very busy time of year. There is Left 4 Dead II which I have not even touched yet. Dragon Age: Origins which is awesome. I ordered Grind from Navin fully painted as an Xmas suprise for Dad and Son under the Xmas Tree. I am really jonsing to paint my FOW table...upstairs...I keep plugging into LOTRO or DA:O

Well those are my ruminations for now.



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