Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oops...I did it again.

Ok, so careful listeners not only heard we did not list the winner to the Space Hulk Competition, but may also notice (or maybe not at all) that I did not give out the details to the special Hollywood Minature Competition. To win my signed hardbound copy of Rogue Trader you have to make a three person miniature diorama that somehow represents the D6G. It can be no bigger than 12x12x12. Any tasteful ideas will fly you do not need to be a Golden Demon winner to win. Ie. You could make it out of legos. The goal is for this to sit on my shelf in all its glory and you will be known to all who enter my office that YOU are a winner indeed. Shipping date is Nov. 24th, 2009. Mail to: Raef Granger, 250 Commercial Street, Suite 2013, Manchester, NH 03101. It just has to be postmarked by that date. Good painting and good luck.


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