Friday, February 5, 2010

And then there were leeks...

So as you have heard the Breakfast Gaming Club tried out Gates of Loyang thanks to Myriad Games, Netlix Gaming Option.

Man I am so torn on this one. The price is better it is 59.99 and you do get a massive bag of veggie meeples that would probably cost about 40.00 bucks retail. The game play was fun in a boring kind of way. I mean you start out and you are like man, this is boring, and then you get going along and then the game grows on ya. Pun intended. Do I like it better than Rune Wars, hard to say, different type of game. Do I like it better than Agricola? No. Le Havre. No? But I do really want to have it in my collection, but not if no one will play it 3 months from now. I think crazy as this sounds, my group will play it some more. It is not as much a brain buster as Le Havre and Agricola can be, so it has a nice relaxing feel to it.

Had a blast painting up my WM guys again. I need to decide what to paint next. I think I might actually try to do some terrain. I have always wanted to, now I can for my War Machine Battles. Matt Wilson has made just a nice sweet game. I mean the game is smooth. Plays well, plays hard, a good feel when you are done.

Also really looking forward to Stoni hitting level cap too. It will be my first. Still enjoy adventuring in Middle Earth. I am looking forward to Stoni hitting 65 though so I can then play some BioShock II.

Well Brian Aherne is here we are getting lunch!

HD out


  1. I'm not sure what service 'Netlix' provides, but I bet it is illegal in some states.

  2. I think the "boring" gameplay of Gates is actually part of the appeal and I can why it would get played more.

    When I play games I am really doing it for the social experience so having 4 people sat round staring at a board in absolute silence can really make a night drag on. by being able to chat and chew the fat between rounds and then moving your own little bits the game becomes much more of a social catalyst.

    Just my tuppence anyway.