Thursday, October 22, 2009

You found me!!!!!

Ok, folks visit here for all things random Raef. I will post my musings at the time, my comics that I like, music that interests me, items I want to buy etc. What I also hope to be able to do is also provide the links to these items or where to find them in one convenient place. Ok here we go.

* Bitten by the Flu I mean the FOW bug. Played SkirmishCampaigns (thats the google search you use) for FOW. It was soooo fun. I played the British saving tankers from destroyed tanks in the middle of a desert dust storm. The mission has a nice random element to it. Don and I fiddled with the rules to make it "FOW" compliant. I contacted the writer of the scenarios on that point so I hope to be able to talk more about that later.

* Dan is hooking me up with Fortress Europe so I can play late war. Also getting the Skirmish Campaign: Normandy.

* Looking forward to my big Descent purchase at you know where? Myriad Games. I am trading in my copy of Starfarers of Catan. Did not know I could do that. That is a concept for a different day.

* T-Shirts. I love nice, soft organic, eco friendly T-Shirts. I am currently in the works with some Big Names with some Big Ideas on special T-Shirts that I would wear. Stay Tuned.

That's all Raef out. Have to podcast now.

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