Sunday, March 4, 2012

Return to The King (LOTRO) and More....

So it has been a while, and I finally got some free time to write, so lets get down to it.

Raef, I see your tweets about Lotro what happened to Swotr?  Swotr is a great, great game.  I have zero complaints.  Fun all around.  But all my friends I made in Lotro are still in Lotro.  Peti and Sage, and Brucee, and Ros and Taur and Tobi and Breto and more.  These are toon names of course, but I missed the real people.  Last time I was out at Adepticon I met with Peti and Sage and Brucee who all happen to live in the area.  When I logged into Swotr I did played with all my local friends, but hey we just hung out a few nights ago, and I found that I really missed chatting with my online friends.  And I think I just lean more towards Fantasy.  I see myself in Stoni, and I missed him too.  I really enjoy the tanking class and I knew our Kin numbers were low and groups were probably not occurring for lack of a tank or even just players.

And Lotro's last update?? So cool, the Epic or Book Quests as they are called, on the way to Isengard are the best I have ever played.  I have played Rifts, Warhammer, WoW, DC Online, Champions, and Swotr now so its been a bunch.  I mean there is a series of quests in Lotro Epic line where you get captured by the Orcs and end up a prisoner, and at the end you get the "costume" or prison garb, so classic Lotro and the best reward for a lover of cosmetic wear such as myself.  So cool, as well as the quests where you fight with the Riders of Rohan.  I will remember those quests to the end of my days.

What about the Podcast the Hollywood G.P.S.?  It is still on target, I have a really big lead that I am hoping to nail down, and if I can get it you won't be disappointed.

Still playing MouseGuard although we have had player failure snafus where we have missed too many players. So I have not had a chance to record any more sessions but I will.  People ask for them, and I look forward to delivering them.  BTW I still get a bunch of emails from listeners asking me if I would ever run a Skype based/ Realm Works MouseGuard campaign for them?  I love the idea, and yet I am running short on time.  What if I was able to produce a qualified MouseGuard GM.  If still interested email me at

I also have another secret project that I am working on, lets call it Project D for now (I mean why does X always get the action?) I am working on the timing of it all now with some experts and have not nailed down the announcement date yet.

Lets see what else? Oh loving FOW 3rd edition.  Although, now I am peeved at a local stationary supply store.  I went there to get the minrule book rebound as a spiral binding so the book can lay flat and somehow its missing the last 10 pages. So all the missions, and the index.  So far the store cannot find the pages...Ack.  On that note, I am looking forward to picking up my hardcover FOW 3rd rule book which is supposed to be awesome and packed with information.

Well I DO have more brewing, but that's enough for now.  I will try to check back in sooner.

Take Care and Happy Gaming.


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