Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Temple of Cyrus

You leave the Goblin camp, disgusted by their vile presence and pleased that you dealt with them with such finality. With still a few more hours or daylight you strike off to get to the summit. After about an hour of careful mountain climbing and working through the snow you get to the peak.

The site before you defies your beliefs. A temple of epic proportions stands on the summit. It isn’t made of rock or wood, but built from blocks of ice. Each block is easily 6 foot cubed and the temple stands 60 to 70 feet tall. Giant double doors of solid ice stand closed on the side nearest you. No window or other opening can be seen.

Ice statues of armored figures stand on either side of the doors. Each statue is 15 feet tall and clutching a scythe of solid ice.

Giant blue cloth banners hang down from the roof line, each decorated with a single snowflake sewn in with silver thread.

As you stare at the temple in disbelief, it suddenly shifts as if floating on water. Upon closer inspection you see that the temple isn’t built atop the mountain at all. It is floating 6 inches above the ground. You can literally see all the way under it. Every few moments it shifts from either a strong gust of wind or the shifting of some great weight inside the temple.

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  1. This is very interesting. It will be great to visit the Temple of Cyrus and see it personally. Sounds intriguing indeed.

    pimalai koh lanta