Saturday, April 30, 2011

DnD....April Fools Day Post

DM:  The fire's initial furiocity is being overwhelmed from the snow melting from the roof of the barracks and the quick efforts of the bucket line thanks to your assistance. Jacob is furious and begins questioning his guards. Four of the guards, smaller of stature, perhaps with a mix of goblin blood, are pointing in your group's direction. Jacob roars in anger "I'll have your heads!" He shoves his remaining goons in your direction and strides towards you even though he appears unarmed.

Exhausted from putting out the fire, you draw your weapons and prepare for yet another battle. "I think Thorian had the right idea to try to sleep in the stables" mutters Gaylord.

Drenla, who had been aimlessly counting snowflakes, begins another wild incantation and flings a curved sheet of fire into the air ending in a yell "Die half vampire fiend!"

Before your weapons could meet goon clubs, everyone's eyes dart toward the target of Drenla's arcane fire.

Seeing nothing, Jacob bellows, "That's it you crazy witch, kill her too!"

"No, no, I was wrong, it is coming from below!" Drenla uses her wand to dig feverishly into the snow.

Before the goons could reach Drenla, you are all thrown off your feet as the ground begins to heave and throb. Black dirt begins to roll up through the snow. A great gray furred form leaps up from beneath the earth.

A 12' foot tall gray haired vampire, demon rabbit; her red eyes scour the scene menacingly, her gaze finally resting upon Maribe. "Halfling is for dinner tonight!" She shouts. The rabbit's great maw snaps open, wicked fangs darting towards Maribe!

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