Sunday, March 28, 2010

For Whom the Pit Falls....

So, this may be the end of role playing fantasy wise anyway for BCG. Why? Because, Descent may have just taken hold. So as you may know, Dave was a little bored with WHFRP and was like, eh, why are not playing a Descent campaign. We have the perfect makings, a small group that shows up, we like RP, but we can do a campaign without all the fuss. I have never played in a Descent campaign, and I was game even if it meant that my RP session would die. But truth is there was no zing to it that is for sure.

Well, we played Descent today and had a blast. (Craig if you are reading this close your eyes) :) I did not intend on it, but I ended up with an uber tank char. I wanted to pick a character that most people might not pick. He had two melee blocks and one range block, and a move of only two. Brother Glye, But his special ability gives him two movement re:less of the action he takes. At first, I thought he would be slow, but noooo... with fatigue he was just fine. Then with my plate mail and special shield I was nie damagable much to Dave's consternation.

It was just plain old fun. I mean not much political intrigue that is for sure, but a good dungeon crawl feel. We all had good action, all played well together, and Dave was a good Overlord outta the chute. I can see why Russ and the gang and Craig wants in all the time. Craig, is invited to the next empty chair to fill as Spence and Brian will be away.

And that probably is the death knell for poor WHFRP. The Dave liked the DH campaign the best, and the rest did like WHFRP but also liked DnD too. So, not being a pack rat I am really thinking about passing along WHFRP to a happy new owner. But I am not sure.

Let's see what else, why I love Khador. Yes. It is very Russian themed, which I normally do not go for, for fluff, but in this case I like the idea of frozen northern man and women of ice. My favorite part of Khador is proving false the following statement WM players sometimes make: "If you are just beginning, try Khador they are easy to learn as they have high armour". Hah! Although very true, they do have high armour, they are just not that simple and are just as challenging to play as any other faction. Any WM player worth their steam knows how to tie a Khador jack up in knots, just standing there, while all that so mighty armour is chipped to bits. It can be very very frustrating.

I also love the casters and the fluff of the casters. I like playing with winterguard especially with the winterguard attachments.

Uh...what's that...oh dinner is here...gotta run...


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