Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas!

Well, all the gifts have been opened. A very good haul this year it seems. My wife and I did something different this year, we picked one special gift as a surprise to the other and the rest we just felt free to spend and then wrap for ourselves. It was more fun that I thought, saving them to Christmas. I decided to splurge and bought the army deal from Wargamers illustrated/ Battlefront. The full US 7th Cav comes with three Hueys "Slicks" one Huey "Hog" Gunship, one special downed Huey marker, GF9 US Army Tokens, and of course platoons of guys. I think it was a steal at $145USD and FREE shipping. When I put some of the models together I will throw up a pic. The special surprise gift was some J.R. Miniature 15mm dirt road segments. These roads really are jimmy jango. I mean the detail on them is amazing complete with little rubber boulders sticks, etc...all fully painted and bendable.

Really really psyched about these roads. They are bigger than I expected but actually when you think about it are the right size so that when tank is on it, it does not look like a bike bath. Can't wait to break these out on the next scenario.

Also picked up PowerGrid Factory Manager and WHFRP 3.0. Excited about both of those as well.

Ok, that is all for now. Merry Xmas.



  1. Feliz Navidad from Spain. Keep it random!


  2. I went for the deal as well. The Huey Slicks are sweeeeeet. My vote for best new miniatures of 2009.

    Theres another company that does that rubber bendy terrain pre-painted and pre-flocked. But they do everything. Including Vietnam style rice paddies.