Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Big Sheew....

Up early. Was dragging my carcass around yesterday. Stayed up late playing LOTRO with Brian A. Don. P, Michele A. and Me on Monday in Fornost. A huge instance. Then had game night the next night. Even though the launch of Seige of Mirkwood came out, I still went gaming with humans. Russ owes me a muchkin donut. Had a blast played Scenario II in flames of war. My co-general Brian had his jimmyjango on he was very cheery not worried at all at the doom and gloom of the german tanks about to crush our poor infantry line. He rolled an assualt charge like a champ and one team took out a Panther! We hung in there our reserves never arrived and eventually the germans took our entrenched positions.

Prepping for the show now. Gerie is eating a lego, and I am not getting it. I mean come on what is one lego lost among thousands right?

Got a HUGE show planned for FOW. My bullet list would put any of Russ's to shame. When Craig sees them he is going to pass out. My plan is to keep Russ sitting on his hands as much as possible with Russirruptions but very much looking forward to his input. Craig has read the rule book and wathced me and Don and Brian A play.

Well that is it for now, see you all tonight as we record. Of course you won't hear it until after the weeksend.

HD Out

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  1. When are we going to see some pictures on the Jimmy Jango blog of the German panzers constantly steam rolling your lads?